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Paula Abdul Declares Loyalty To Quot American Idol Quot Denies Criticism

Nice Paula Abdul court is insisting that remains faithful to the American Idol. The move comes following reports that he bashed the wildly popular show to give time to the alleged stalker-fan, Paula Godspeed. I am blessed to be on the show. I am a big fan of the show, he said yesterday during a meeting with the Television Critics Association. It the greatest show on television throughout the world and. . A gazillion people would love to be in my shoes.
20.1.09 13:41

Sienna Miller Is A Groucho Girl

Siena was reported dumped by next Robin Hood rename shed do because co-star Russell Crowe look old and fat.. The 27-year-old British actress was seen heading Jerrys Club left around 3:30 am through the side door to avoid photographers. Sienna Miller mystery male and one London leave Groucho Club about two in the morning on Thursday (January 15).
20.1.09 13:41

Convention Lures Alicia Keys Maybe Van Halen Snoop

But this year, according to Buena Park Yamaha canceled its usual concert for the NAMM Show, one way companies are looking to spend their conventions in the economic slowdown.. Singer Stevie Wonder joined a star-studded concert including John Legend and comedian Craig Ferguson last year, while the largest Anaheim convention. Previously, musicians like Brian Wilson, Sarah McLachlan and Natalie Cole executed.
20.1.09 13:40

Cute Kid Of The Day The Original Affleck

It can be equally valuable? Absolutely. Violet Affleck still reigns supreme as the cutest kid in Tinseltown - despite the fact that she has a new baby sister.Though we have yet to see the little lady of the latest Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner life, we re no doubt that it could be cuter just Seraphina V. But more than that inspires awww over the kid? Very doubtful..
20.1.09 13:40

Chris Brown Coming To Dominica

The Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC) has initiated discussions with the competent authorities for the 2009 award-winning People Choice Favorite Male artists here.. C is the possibility that the R u0026amp B singer Chris Brown act could be the international artiste for the night February 14.
20.1.09 13:40

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